Business Conference Host Mari-Lyn Harris

considers herself a Catalyst, serving heart-centered Entrepreneurs who yearn for more out of life. Kindness Ambassador.

For Mari-Lyn it’s always been about Kindness, Marketing and Relationships. Kindness is really powerful.
What are you willing to stand up for?


Heart-centered Entrepreneurs can easily become emotionally bankrupt, stressed, and depressed.
For those who have mental health challenges like, (we all do as Entrepreneurs) depression, PTSD, perhaps you don’t feel good enough, empty inside, there are some simple solutions that we can do together to solve this issue.
She now works with people one on one.

Assisting unhappy people to become happier.

When she first got started with promoting and producing kindness in business, she had some wild ideas, like a stock called kindness. Shameless capitalism. People who believe in doing good and still get what they want.

How can kindness be monetized and recognized to make a difference in people’s lives?

Mari-Lyn also had the opportunity of turning around toxic workplaces so they could become, more productive, profitable, and happier places to stay engaged with.

The ROI turns out to be higher productivity, less friction, more communication, all-around healthier workplace. I wrote a white paper about this.

The end result is always a Higher Performing Organization.

Mari-Lyn also has a podcast show called


Creating an Impactful Legacy.”
Live-streamed every week.

Mari-Lyn Harris Kindness@Work




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