Adriana Medeiros Keynote Kindness @ Work 2021

Adriana Medeiros

Kindness @ Work 2021
Keynote Speaker

is an educator and entrepreneur who trained at

CCARE Stanford University to be an Ambassador of Compassion.
She promotes compassionate leadership in companies and institutions.

Adriana is the Founder and CEO of CafeKind,

a unique nonprofit organization she founded in 2015 with the mission to inspire, empower, and educate through kindness and compassion. She has developed a comprehensive curriculum at CafeKind that includes workshops, talk circles, and professional services for a broad range of needs:
Compassionate Leadership and Team Building, Relationship Development, Mental Health and Well Being, Career Coaching and Job Networking, Equity and Diversity and Inclusion, Family Assistance, Financial Advising, Small Entrepreneurism for Minorities, Compassion in the Workspace and Self-Compassion.


Adriana Mederiors Kindness@Work Business Conference Jan 26 2021
Adriana Mederiors Kindness@Work Business Conference Jan 26 2021

At CafeKind, Adriana facilitates a safe space where participants can feel an authentic sense of belonging and validation and resolve issues without fear of judgment or reprisal. She and her all-volunteer team help others find healing in their self-journeys and life transitions.

Adriana’s passion is to be of service and make a positive difference in peoples’ lives.

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