Andrew Hood Kindness Keynote

Andrew Hood Kindness Keynote is an Australian Author, Sales Manager, and 25 year veteran of the IT Industry. His blog The Weekly Tipping Point.

The Australian author has overcome battles with anxiety, depression, career setbacks, and financial hardship to become a passionate leader of people within his industry and an award-winning writer.

His blog The Weekly Tipping Point was awarded no.39 in the Best and Most Inspiring Top 100 Blogs Worldwide.

He has also written a book on leadership called Legacy Leadership and recently signed a 3 book publishing contract with Shawline Publishing for his latest series of Fiction books called

The Man Who Corrupted Heaven,
The Man Who Settled the Score, and
The Woman Who Stole the World.

The Man Who Corrupted Heaven has been launched to great reviews

Andrew is also a public speaker and outspoken advocate on Men’s Mental Health issues, including dealing with Anxiety and Resilience.

What readers are saying about –
The Man Who Corrupted Heaven:

“Absolutely loved it. Devoured it in 24 hours! Easy to read and very interesting perspective of life after death.” – Goodreads Reviewer


“I love a book that presents a philosophical standpoint interwoven with a story. You get the chance to enjoy the author’s storytelling but also get the chance to stop and process the philosophical standpoint that the author is approaching the story from. (Very Paulo Coelho, an author I love)” – Goodreads Reviewer


“This book wasn’t anything like I expected it to be. I started to read it because I couldn’t imagine how heaven could be corrupted. Fully prepared not to like it. Instead, it flew into my list of all-time best reads because it was different. It was also captivating and absorbing with characters who, although flawed, were likable. I can’t wait for the next titles” – Goodreads Reviewer


“I am an avid reader of all genres and this book was on my Xmas reading list. It kept my attention from the first page to the last, with great characters & interesting tale…I was a bit disappointed it actually ended…as I wanted to what would happen next…!!” – Goodreads Reviewer


“Really enjoyed discovering the characters and the story! Loved the twists as they unfolded. Also gave me time to reflect on the most important things in life! Great read … can’t wait for the next book” – Goodreads Reviewer


“An easy but thought-provoking read. Some great imagery and concepts. A fast-paced flow that left me reading “just one more chapter” until I’d suddenly finished it and was left keen for a sequel.” – Goodreads Reviewer



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