Annaliese Seaborn Kindness Keynote Speaker

Annaliese Seaborn, Kindness Keynote Speaker, Business Conference July 2021

Annaliese Seaborn, Kindness Keynote Speaker,

Certified Life Design & Purpose Coach. Help women to live their lives authentically less chaotically.

Topic: The Powerful Foundation of Self-Kindness

My coaching business is called

Wake Your Dream,

and is all about meeting my clients exactly where they are. Helping them see what’s in their way. Showing them their hidden dreams and vision for their lives. Re-anchoring them to who they truly are in the middle of life, relationships, and their career.

One of my favorite questions to ask is:

When’s the last time you felt “on purpose”?

Awareness of my own purpose has transformed my life, and that’s what I want to help others experience in theirs!

My passion is working with women, leaders, moms, and college students. The heart of how I coach is giving my clients a safe and creative space to really enjoy the process of uncovering their purpose and living into their own God-given design. I specialize in the areas of

  1. Purpose & Identity, Culture Creating (for small business owners),
  2. Enneagram Growth,
  3. Emotional IQ, Effective Communication Skills,
  4. Leadership Development.

I help my clients walk through 3 stages of transformation – Identity-Insight-Impact. Doing this work helps them get connected to who they truly are and learn to use their own strengths, personality, and practical habits to build transforming change in their lives. They feel their inner purpose aligns with their life so they can be their authentic selves and show up empowered and free, both personally and professionally.

I base my 3 stages of transformation on stages I’ve experienced in my own life.

Anxious thoughts and depression used to be regular for me, and so was feeling really purposeless and aimless like I was just drifting through life, paycheck to paycheck. I knew true things to remind myself of (my background is psychology, personality, and growth) but was very frustrated and beaten down because it didn’t seem to be changing anything.

My knowledge didn’t match my actions. I didn’t see that it was because I wasn’t connecting my spiritual self with my practical self. Instead, I was absorbed with outcomes, external success, pushing myself to be more outwardly productive, and doing what I thought looked right to others.

I didn’t see what I was doing wrong. And I genuinely didn’t know things could be different for me!

This is exactly why it’s so important for every person to answer these questions themselves…
Have you felt this struggle?  When’s the last time you felt on purpose?

I want each person I meet to know – all the truth and transformation you need is inside of you, waiting for you to wake up and use it!

I live in Holland, MI with my husband, Alan, and our 2 dogs, Russell & Mac. Sharing life with friends and family brings me so much joy, especially when we’re connecting about our growth, dreams, fears, and experiences. I love reading, laughing, good coffee, thinking creatively, papercrafting, and being outside in nature.





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