Avoid the Easter Egg Hunt

Avoid the Easter Egg Hunt, I did a workshop about planning so you can live well. With no regrets. As it always seems too early, until it’s too late.

Nothing to do anything about it. Except to clean up a mess.


Given by Mari-Lyn Harris a Doula Giver offering a variety of concierge services to buy yourself time. Rather than experience the easter egg hunt or mess as she calls it let’s prepare while you are able. “It always seems too soon, until it’s too late.”

* We’ll work on your health directives / living will *

* Got a business? Who is taking over?

* Social media accounts -what you need to close them..

* Writing your obituary or eulogy




I attended a presentation about planning your funeral, although the gal did a great presentation the only option you would have is cremation or burial. Yet, there are so many other services out there you have available for yourself and family.

People just aren’t aware since, no one wants to talk about it.

You know, your death!!

I hope this class will help you to get started in your planning, before it’s too late. There is  more information on such as End of Life Questions. This topic isn’t my usual for Kindness@Work, it is still about being kind to yourself.  

To Avoid the Easter Egg Hunt do some research for yourself.




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