Discovering your Core Purpose Now

Discovering Your Core Purpose Now: Unleashing Potential with a Passionate Servant Leader and Resources Navigator. Introducing:  Barbara Anne Gardenhire-Mills

Welcome to today’s podcast episode, where we explore the transformative journey of connecting with one’s core purpose. We are joined by a passionate servant leader and resources navigator, who is also a business coach.

Our guest is dedicated to helping others uncover their core purpose and achieve their goals. Join us as we delve into the power of purpose-driven leadership and the role of a resources navigator in unlocking individual potential.


Segment 1: Embracing Core Purpose and Passion

In this segment, our guest shares their personal journey of discovering your own core purpose  now and passion for helping others. We explore the significance of aligning one’s values, strengths, and interests to find meaning and fulfillment. Our guest provides insights into the transformative power of living a purpose-driven life and its impact on personal and professional success.

Segment 2: The Role of a Resources Navigator

We dive into the concept of a resources navigator and its importance in guiding individuals towards their goals. Our guest explains how they assist clients in identifying and accessing the necessary resources, both internal and external, to support their journey. We discuss strategies for overcoming obstacles and leveraging available resources to achieve desired outcomes.

Segment 3: Servant Leadership: Empowering Others

Servant leadership is a core philosophy for our guest. We explore how this leadership style places emphasis on supporting and empowering others to reach their full potential. Our guest shares practical tips and examples of how servant leadership can create a positive impact within organizations and foster a culture of collaboration and growth.

Segment 4: Business Coaching for Purpose-Driven Growth

Our guest, as a business coach, discusses their approach to guiding individuals towards purpose-driven growth. We explore the unique strategies and techniques they employ to help clients align their goals with their core purpose. Our guest shares success stories and practical insights into how business coaching can unlock potential and drive meaningful results.

Segment 5: Living a Purpose-Driven Life

In this final segment, our guest provides actionable advice for listeners who seek to live a purpose-driven life. They share strategies for discovering and embracing core purpose, setting meaningful goals, and navigating resources effectively. We discuss the importance of self-reflection, continuous learning, and fostering a growth mindset on the path to personal and professional fulfillment.


We extend our gratitude to our guest, a passionate servant leader, resources navigator, and business coach, for sharing their wisdom and insights with us today. Their expertise in helping others connect with their core purpose now  and achieve their goals is inspiring.

Remember, by embracing our core purpose and aligning our passions, we can unleash our full potential and make a positive impact on the world around us.

Thank you for joining us for this episode. Stay tuned for more engaging discussions centered around personal and professional growth.

Thank you Barbara, it was a pleasure having on the Impactful Legacy Podcast you talking about Discovering your Core Purpose Now.

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