Emmalou Penrod Wellness Keynote Speaker

Emmalou Penrod Kindness AT Work Business Conference July 2021

Emmalou Penrod Wellness Keynote Speaker

For Kindness@Work Business Conference July 2021


Emmalou Penrod is a wife, mother, grandmother, retired schoolteacher, author, and owner of the business,

Healing Your Families.

She earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with an Endorsement in Special Education from
Weber State University.
She also earned a Master of Arts in Educational Counseling from
The University of Phoenix.
Emmalou ended her 24-year career as a teacher at a residential treatment facility for youth at risk. Most of her career was spent as a special education teacher.

She saw a need to bridge the gap that is sometimes formed between parents and the public school system.
She wrote the book,

Navigating the Educational System, 5 Strategies to Get the Best for Your Child

and started a podcast show, “In Support of Families” to provide useful information and support for parents.
She feels that families are the foundation of our society and she is committed to strengthening and supporting them.
She completed training through the National Guild of Hypnotists in November of 2018 and was certified through them as a Consulting Hypnotist.
She completed the training offered through HpnoBirthing® International and the certification process to become a Gold Seal HpnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator.
She used the Lamaze Method when she had her children.
All 7 were delivered naturally, 3 in a hospital setting and the other 4 at home.
She has also completed training in the Simpson Protocol, a client-centered approach to hypnotherapy.

In May of 2020, she presented at the Utah Mom Show.
Her topic was “Reinventing yourself at any Age.”

She is a member of Kaha Tahi Coaching, a team of coaches from a variety of backgrounds offering services focused on women. She is also a Thought Leader with the Women’s Information Network

Healing Your Families

offers a variety of services in addition to individual hypnosis sessions.
HpnoBirthing® not only prepares expectant couples for a calm, comfortable, instinctive birth but also teaches them valuable skills that will help them in parenting.
Power Parents is a six-week interactive class that is designed to provide support and information on specific concerns and questions of class members.

Topics discussed include stress management for effective parenting, areas of control and influence, understanding your child’s unique needs, healthy relationships, healthy boundaries, communication, and family organization.

Healing with Self-Hypnosis is a four-hour workshop that teaches the knowledge and skills needed to tap into all parts of the mind using hypnosis with trigger words installed.
Emmalou lives with her husband of 48 years. They enjoy spending time together and with their children and grandchildren.

Podcast interview with

Emmalou Penrod - Podcast


Social Media Links
LinkedIn: emmalou-penrod
Twitter: eapenrod
Facebook: emmalou.penrod
Instagram: emmaloupenrod

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