Ivan Temes Keynote Speaker Kindness @ Work 2021

Ivan Temes Keynote Speaker For Kindness@Work Business Conference 2021.  Ivan Temes is a noted Leadership Trainer, Career Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Founder of Leadership and Loyalty

Ivan Temes is a noted Leadership Trainer, Career Coach and Inspirational Speaker, and the Founder of Leadership and Loyalty, a company dedicated to working with people from all walks of life to build confidence, teamwork, and exceptional care in their professional and personal lives.

His focus on bringing out the star within each person has produced outstanding results ranging from individuals rebuilding their lives to customer care teams in global corporations.

Ivan Temes author of CARE You Have the Power, a collection of stories designed to reflect upon and enhance relationships at all levels.

Ivan Temes has held the position of Customer Care Director

in multiple organizations and been acknowledged for his masterful skill in building teams that ensure customer loyalty and for his organization turnarounds that leveraged Care.

He has worked in this capacity at Apple, Oracle, and Atari as well as Grid Systems and Myteam.  He personally developed, installed, and trained personnel to support multi-million-dollar opérations for Levi Strauss International in Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.

As a career coach and trainer, he has led sessions for thousands to rediscover their passion and follow a path of joy in their lives and careers. His work with high school students on ‘speaking and confidence’ has produced amazing results in both traditional arenas and areas where students come from challenging backgrounds.

A veteran he has spoken at Congresswoman Jackie Speier’s conferences on five occasions, focusing on opportunities for veterans. Ivan holds a BS in Organizational Behavior and Human Relations  from the University of San Francisco.

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