Keynote Speaker Cecilia Kremer

Keynote Speaker
Cecilia Kremer, Ph.D.
is an Empathy & Leadership Coach

on a mission to build a kinder and more empathetic world.

Her work empowers individuals and teams to establish and sustain meaningful, synergistic, fulfilling, and resilient relationships.

Cecilia has extensive experience in coaching, teaching, and speaking at organizations such as
Stanford Continuing Studies, Equinix, Globant, LATAM Airlines, and the Brazilian Stock Market.

As Chief of Kindness of,

she helps their community and internal team
to embody a culture of empathy and kindness.

Cecilia stands for a true Leadership that can only arise from deep and meaningful connections with oneself, with others, and with what is happening. She believes empathy unlocks inner power and produces energizing and long-lasting relationships. She believes empathy is the pillar of a strongly interconnected and compassionate world. She is certain that with empathy we can meet challenges and conflicts with the synergy that is needed to build a better reality for us all.

Cecilla Kremer Keynote Speaker Kindness@Work Business Conference 2021
Cecilla Kremer Keynote Speaker Kindness@Work Business Conference 2021

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Cecilia also practices black-belt level empathy with her 2 teenage kids.
She finds the energy for all that by sunbathing and going to the beach regularly.
Living in the Silicon Valley but originally a girl from Ipanema,
these activities bring vitality to her authentically loving bossa-nova soul.


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