Kimberly Layne Kindness Keynote Speaker 2021

Kimberly Layne Kindness @ Work

Keynote Speaker 2021

Kimberly Layne 

“Leadership & Engagement Coach, Best-Selling Author.
Improving Connection in the Workplace
for More Happiness
And Success”

is a former Fortune 100 Executive now an Intl Certified Leadership Development Consultant, Employee Engagement Partner, Professional Speaker.

Having seen the power of good, trusting, and caring relationships in driving sales and also employee productivity, Kimberly is passionate about creating happiness at work for everyone’s overall well-being including the well-being of an organization.

As principal of the KCC: The Kimberly Connection Company,

Kimberly works with Leaders at all Levels and organizations who realize that good Leaders and Leadership are the single most important factor as to whether an employee stays or goes. We have to be better at the “soft stuff” in order to make the “hard stuff” work in this volatile, and uncertain world.

She currently is speaking to organizations and businesses as to the impact of the
“Isolation Epidemic.”
It is on track to soon be a costly employee engagement, and customer retention problem. She employs leaders and organizations to introduce conscious and connected leadership into their organizations, in order to reverse this imminent threat.

She highlights these scenarios in her YouTube Channel: The Power of Connection in Biz, with Kimberly Layne.

“Having an employee, or a customer implicitly trust what you are saying and believe in your integrity to deliver on their behalf, is a powerful and honorable place to be.”

For women, she speaks to the unique natural power of women as leaders in her talk: Women Let Your Lioness Roar, leveraging your gifts and taming your inhibitions.

  • Key notes;
  • Educational workshops
  • 90 day coaching plans to conscious leadership
  • As an external consultant to drive employee engagement and strategy.
  • Volume Discounts on her Book: Connections Change Everything: How Smart Leaders Connect through Better Conversations.

When Kimberly is not writing, speaking, or coaching, she is walking Sammy the Shih Tzu, baking Italian Mascarpone Cheesecakes, or playing tennis.

Kimberly Layne Kindness Business Conference 2021
Kimberly Layne Kindness Business Conference 2021 Jan 28

She looks forward to connecting with you. Connections Change Everything!

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