Kindness is a Disruptor

 Kindness is a Disruptor  as organizations want to deny that it works. Olivia McIvor has spent her 34 years in HR demonstrating and proving that kindness does work.

“There isn’t anything I haven’t seen that you could surprise me with.”  says, Ms. McIvor, emphasising that she doesn’t wear this as a badge of honour, rather, as a statement that brings her sadness and a driving motivation to be a social change advocate in organizations.

Throughout her 34 years in Human Resources, she has witnessed the grief and joy that comes to work everyday in the wake of suicides, divorces, bullying, addictions, mental, emotional and physical illness, and workaholism all culminating to a lack of human civility.  The fall out is a lack of individual and organizational resilience and unrest.

And, she will quickly add, she has also seen the power of healing that comes from workplaces that intentionally and tenderly take care of their emotional culture  As a social researcher, educator, author and speaker, Ms. McIvor suggests a kinder more optimistic approach to support organizations to get to the root causes of problems instead of only addressing the symptoms.

Olivia is the best-selling author of four books: The Business of Kindness, Four Generations-One Workplace, I See You and her most recently released book Disruptive Kindness

Her work has been embraced by industries including Healthcare, Technology, Law, Education, Retail, Wholesale, Tourism, Hospitality, Financial, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Telecommunication and Manufacturing.

 She is a post secondary educator and teaches in the School of Business at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Her Philanthropic work has her serving as the global manager for The Charter for Compassion Education Institute. 

Ms. McIvor lives in Vancouver, British Columbia

Visit Ms. McIvor’s LinkedIn profile at:


As she continues doing her research on kindness and  compassion she leaves her legacy and a definite mark. For those who have not worked with her, it’s your loss.  Kindness is a Disruptor, as you really have to be conscious, learn how to not react to problems. Look at the root cause of  the challenges your are facing in your organizations.

Why do I say this?  

I too have seen how Kindness makes a difference.    Kindness is a Disruptor.

Olivia also teaches at BCIT Corporate Training offers a variety of training opportunities. We offer tailored workshops based on your business needs ranging from 90‐minute lunch sessions to 1 or 2 day immersive. Our workshops are delivered using a theory, practice, implement model, which is what our clients recognize as the value of BCIT Corporate Training.

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