Kindness Keynote Speaker Kimberly Wiefling

Kindness Keynote Speaker Kimberly Wiefling has held leadership positions ranging from NPI Program Manager to VP of Program Management & Organizational Effectiveness.

Kimberly has helped companies from startups to Global 1000 successfully grow and – more importantly – SCALE.

Kimberly enables leaders to avoid or fix the most common causes of failure in global teams, problems that damage or destroy companies, along with billions in shareholder value. A physicist by education, she has found that many of these are “human” problems that don’t require “rocket science.”

All that’s required to achieve a significant positive impact in many cases is to make common ​sense into common PRACTICE.

DEEP EXPERIENCE in GLOBAL COMPANIES. Kimberly has worked in the US, Europe, and Asia, primarily with culturally diverse groups of employees in globalizing Japanese companies.

Her superpower is bringing people with diverse backgrounds, cultures & styles together, connecting them across borders, boundaries, and barriers of every kind, to achieve what seems impossible but is merely difficult, and which none could achieve alone.

●  RETAINED KEY EMPLOYEES:​ Reduced voluntary turnover in Japan’s #1 most innovative company of 2019 from 22% to less than 1% annually in a target audience of 250 managers over 5 years, and to 12% in their direct reports.

●  IMPROVED MANUFACTURABILITY & AFR:​ Reduced production time of an HP mass spec from 35 to 5 days, and reduced the AFR by more than half, through process optimization and an R&D NPI redesign team she led.

OPTIMIZED NPI PIPELINE:​ Unclogged new product development processes in a company with over 300 engineers through strategic prioritization & resource allocation in alignment with company strategies.

●  INCUBATED INNOVATION:​ Half of ~80 projects launched in these programs were partially or fully implemented.

SPECIALIZING in CROSS-FUNCTIONAL AND CROSS-CULTURAL TEAMS. Kimberly has worked globally with people from over 50 different countries, in every corporate function, including Manufacturing, Finance, Information Technology, R&D, Engineering, Marketing, Quality, Program Management, HR, and Executive Leadership Teams.

Her ​clients include many well-known global brands in a broad range of industries including B2B products and services, pharma, 3D printing, financial services, food and beverages, online portals, and consumer products.

FROM STARTUPS to GLOBAL 1000. Kimberly is a serial entrepreneur. She is the founder of ​Wiefling Consulting​and co-founder of ​Silicon Valley Alliances​. She’s been involved in launching about a dozen startups and was the VP of Program Management & Organizational Effectiveness for one that was acquired by Google in 2001.

She invested in and coached the founder of ​EmbeddedWorks​, which bootstrapped to seven-figure annual revenues.

MAKING a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE: Kimberly is passionate about making a meaningful positive difference by working with organizations committed to solving the problems of Our World – profitably, so this good work continues!


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