Lorraine Segal M.A. Wellness Speaker

Lorraine Segal Keynote Wellness Speaker for Kindness At Work Business Conference July 2021

Lorraine Segal M.A. Wellness Speaker

is a Conflict Management, Communication Coach, and Trainer.

Conflict Remedy works with corporations, non-profits, and governmental entities.

Topic: Letting Go of Grudges at Work:

To promote harmonious and productive workplaces through consulting, coaching, dialogue coaching, and training programs.

At Sonoma State University, Lorraine is the curriculum designer and lead teacher for the twelve-week Conflict Management professional development certificate program, starting again in August 2021. She has been writing a popular blog on conflict, communication, forgiveness, intercultural communication, and bullying issues for the past 11 years and was named one of the top 30 Conflict Resolution experts to follow on LinkedIn.

Lorraine Sejal is a contributing author to the book

Stand Up, Speak Out Against Workplace Bullying.

She has also been interviewed several times for

Authority Magazine: Leveraging The Power of Gratitude, Giving Effective Feedback,

and been a guest on a number of podcasts.

Lorraine has recently written a memoir (to be published 2022) about her journey from the cramped confinement of her 1950’s So. California childhood to the lush, layered life of a happily married lesbian and conflict management specialist in Sonoma County, Her life encompasses Berkeley activism in the peace movement, radical women’s movement and the AIDS crisis as well as countercultural ballroom dancing, surviving mobbing in academia and finding miracles and forgiveness for herself and others. 

Here is what Lorraine says about her journey:

Before I started to gain the skills and understanding I have now, I experienced many daunting

workplace challenges as both a manager and employee. And I made many mistakes that contributed to conflict, stress, miscommunication, and bullying. From my experience, I have

learned a lot about the tender souls we often hide inside, and about the fears, shame, and blame that block us from understanding ourselves and others and from moving forward together.

I walked my own path to forgive myself and others first. I found ways to release blame and

resentments and found the relief, joy, and energy that come from compassion and understanding.

When I began coaching and teaching conflict management and clear communication, I realized

that my clients and students needed this gentle loving just as much as I did. I came to see that

when we engage our heart and spirit, along with practical methods, positive change takes place. 

Lorrianes’ website  Conflict Remedy

Holding grudges and resentments damage us and limit our ability to love, grow, and change the world for the better. It also prevents trust and good workplace relationships. Learning to let go and forgive improves leadership, productivity, and workplace satisfaction. This brief workshop offers an introduction to what forgiveness is and isn’t, the value of letting go and forgiving at work, some useful techniques. and an invitation to start the process.

Here is the link to Sonoma State University for my fall program:

Sonoma State University Conflict Management certificate program (professional development) starts Thursday, August 19th

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