Matthew Learning Kindness Keynote Speaker

Matthew Learning Kindness At Work Business Conference Keynote Speaker July 2021

Matthew Learning Keynote Speaker’s

mission is to help people create a life that they truly love. As a quantum trauma therapist, a client acquisition mastery coach.

Matthew Learning is a portal: for opulent business success, for extreme health breakthroughs, for personal growth miracles, for playfulness, and for practical wisdom.

But how is it this way?

At the age of seventeen, due to a harrowingly direct experience of Kundalini energy, and then again at the age of twenty-five, this time involving some seriously paralyzing health issues, Matthew discovered two important slogans

“Through you, the Universe is becoming aware of itself” plus

“The utmost of life is Service.”

These two moments and those two slogans birthed a simple yet lasting devotion, which really took over a decade to materialize.

And now, fifteen transformative and adventurous years later, Matthew is living his dharma in Victoria, BC, Canada, and teaches audiences around the world and online about the unique opportunity of UNITY/ONENESS – and how it can be easily leveraged to actualize harmony within one’s inner and outer worlds… and therefore to create great conditions for success, happiness, inner-peace, and a healthy world.

Matthew’s favorite, most effective, and most rapid method to help other people break through into achieving satisfaction and peace in their lives is the art of

Peak States Therapy (aka subcellular psychobiology)

Through his 1-on-1 or his group therapy/coaching programs,

you will find solutions, techniques, and systems which will create exactly that for you, your business, your team, or your entire company.

Born and raised in Winnipeg, MB  in the south end of the city where it felt like a small town with a bus stop. Matthew is happy to report that he moved out of the bitter cold into the warmer province of BC.

He’s motivated by the service of others, adventurous leadership, and a life of harmony, Matthew’s guarantee is that he will never stop growing, if you are around him you won’t either.

As a quantum trauma therapist, a client acquisition mastery coach, a global workshop facilitator, and someone who always delivers performance-based results with life-changing integrity to entrepreneurs, teams, and to companies.



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