Nadine B Hack Esp #176

Nadine B Hack Esp #176 she’s a wonderful kind and compassionate lady, very empathetic. She is writing a new book with the foreword by Desmond Tutu. As he was her mentor and friend.

Find her website at:  She’s Named Top 100 Thought Leader. Trustworthy Business often enough to earn Lifetime Trust Award, Hack advises companies, heads of state, and global organizations on clarifying and achieving their goals. She’s also  available as a keynote speaker.

Awards include: named Top Thought Leader in Trust so often earned Lifetime Achievement honor; Responsible CEO Shortlist with CEOs of Patagonia, Danone, Accenture, Yes Bank, Globe Telecom; Top 100 Corporate Social Responsibility Leaders; Top Global Sustainability Influencers; Enterprising Woman of Year; International Outstanding Achievement; Inspiration award presented at Säid Business School Oxford. 

Her company beCause was Best Specialist Stakeholder Engagement Consulting Firm, for ‘bettering connections across the corporate world.’ Hack and beCause aid individuals and organizations to connect to core purpose, across silos within enterprises, with external stakeholders friendly and even adversarial, as described in her ‘Adversaries to Allies’ with 15,000+ views. 

A by-invitation Forbes Councils , non-executive director, on for- and not-for profit boards often as chair. Articles written by or about her published include Financial Times, Forbes, Huffington Post, New York Times, UN Chronicle. Appears on television, radio, podcasts, SheSource online database of women experts. Nelson Mandela said of her, “When I was in prison, it was good to know I had powerful people like Nadine working on my behalf.”

Featured on Atlantic Speakers Bureau, a at Salzburg Global Seminar and a Fellow New Westminster College of Caucasus University with Master’s degrees from Harvard University and The New School, Hack created and taught graduate courses at NYU and SNHU; lectured at other universities globally. 

She continues to lead sessions at IMD executive education programs, including one-on-one coaching intensives with senior executives and deep dives for top-level business teams, often as a ‘designated challenger’ to help them work through problems and chart successful futures.

As IMD Executive-in-Residence, she distilled her pioneering work on engagement leadership and its proprietary framework Strategic Relational Engagement into lessons on improving stakeholder engagement to increase productivity, profitability, sustainability through ‘bridging leadership’ (see two of four-part series: 1st; 4th).

She offers personalized coaching for top-tier executives; develops stakeholder engagement systems; generates multi-sector, cross-border alliances; integrates CSR with core business; helps organizations align with UN Sustainable Development Goals; bolsters trust; institutes governance structures to achieve these and other goals.  

Clients include: in private sector, Unilever, Omnicom Group, Coca-Cola; in non-profit sector, Ford Foundation, Renewable Resource Institute, Robert Kennedy Human Rights Center; in government Presidents Nelson Mandela, Corazon Aquino; in international public sector, UN specialized agencies in New York, Geneva, Nairobi; Association of German Public Banking Institutions; Shanghai Stock Exchange. Fuller list on website.

Its sister nonprofit Global Citizens Circle works on world problems that transcend nations and sectors. Celebrating its 50th anniversary, it features highly interactive dialogues among world leaders -including heads of state and Nobel Peace Prize Laureates – and ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It hosts bold conversations that lead to sustainable change and generates action through dialogue.

About Desmond Tutu can be found here:


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