Dr. Pamela Wallentiny Kindness Keynote Speaker

Dr. Pamela Wallentiny Kindness Keynote Speaker Pamela Wallentiny has been an educator and an entrepreneur for more than thirty years.

She has presented at local and national conferences as well as in private and in corporate settings.

Regardless of the content or the demographics of the group, her primary focus is to promote life-long learning. As an entrepreneur, her mission is to impact lives by educating people about various ways to reduce stress and improve health.

Pamela Wallentiny earned her doctoral degree from Northeastern University.

Her research focused on stress and the beliefs of meditation among community college students.
Personally, she has practiced Transcendental Meditation for more than a decade. Pamela loves going on walks with her husband Jeffrey and their dog Piper.

For Kindness@Work Business Conference July 2021

Dr. Pamela Wallentiny
Doctor of Education
Unified Wellness LLC
Cell 443.994.1291

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