Rasheda Kamaria Williams Esp #179

Rasheda Kamaria Williams Esp #179 is an award-winning mentor, speaker and author of “Be EmPOWERed: How to Live Above and Beyond Life’s Drama.”

She is the founder and Chief Empowering Officer of Empowered Flower Girl and a dedicated advocate for youth.

In 2022, Rasheda was featured in Hope magazine’s Hope 25 and honored as a Community Icon by Esteem We/Detroit Possible. In July 2023, she was recognized as the Empowerment Enterprise Founder of the Year by Acquisition International magazine and received the Social & Business Impact Award.

Having survived bullying herself, Rasheda shared her story in Cosmopolitan magazine in the article “Being bullied changed my life.” Her transformation from feeling excluded to becoming empowered inspired her to establish Empowered Flower Girl in 2010.

Or live in person watch her here, just click below.


Thank you, Rasheda Kamaria Williams for sharing your story about taking being bullied into to Mentoring other girls to learn how to recover and deal with bullies.

You can find more information about Empowered Flower Girl

Website: www.empoweredflowergirl.com

Girl World Peace Academy course site and info for a free discovery call:


Be kind!


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