Social Equity Business Episode #174

Social Equity Business Episode #174, Creating an Impact Talk Show. Meet Shel Horowitz, Shel he’s always been willing to promote his services and help people think differently.


Shel was in the Change Maker Summit earlier this month, he truly is making an impact of change. Every week you’ll get either a live show or a recorded one.

Shel Horowitz, a renowned 10-book author and international speaker, is the go-to expert for businesses seeking to create both profitability and positive societal impact. With his expertise as a social equity and green business profitability consultant, Shel Horowitz helps businesses develop and market products and services that not only generate profit but also contribute to making a difference in the world. Embrace the opportunity to work with Shel Horowitz and unlock the potential to build a successful business that aligns with your values.

A 10-book author, international speaker and social equity/green business profitability consultant Shel Horowitz helps businesses develop and market products/services that make a profit AND a difference.

His speciality is helping businesses identify, create, & market PROFITABLE Environmental & Social Good products/services that address hunger, poverty, racism, climate change, etc.—through win-win partnerships, positive-focus copywriting.

Listen as he shares what you can do to be a green business and make a difference.

Identify green and social equity opportunities (gaps in the current market) • Begin to narrow the possibilities and settle on a viable, marketable first offering that harnesses your skills, capabilities, and interests.

In the Change Maker Summit, he gave a gift, please just download it here, reach out to Shel.  Social Equity Business Epsiode #174, is about showcasing other people like Shel who are making an impact..

Make an appointment with him here

Download his ebook, 5 ways to create social impact in your business.

If you enjoyed this show, reach out to us, if you would like to be on the show..

Until next week, see you on the 22nd of April…

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