Tammy Goen Keynote Speaker

Tammy Goen Keynote Speaker

Topic: High Sensitivity in the Workplace Why Highly Sensitive Employees Can Be Your Gold Mine.  Many are sensitive, Tammy herself is one and will share some ideas

Tammy Goen always knew she was very sensitive, she just didn’t know that anyone else experienced life the way she did.

When she learned that her high sensitivity was a trait that 20% of the population shared with her, that it was highly researched and is genetic, her life changed radically for the better.

Throughout her Master, in Counseling Psychology program nothing was ever mentioned about High Sensitivity. So, with her new knowledge, Tammy Goen Keynote Speaker embarked on a new learning phase to understand the trait, and life improved even more. Eventually, she began to realize that most of her coaching and energy work clients were HSP…they were finding her.

And she realized there was a real need for a Sensitivity focus in the helping professions, so she began to shift the focus of her work primarily toward High Sensitivity.

Tammy is a holistic happiness and self-love coach for Highly Sensitive People, incorporating EFT/Tapping, HeartMath, and other forms of mediation and mindfulness, energy techniques, and shifting unhelpful thoughts and beliefs.

Her goal is to help HSPs minimize overwhelm and come to value their trait and bring it forward as the Super Power that it truly is.

Holistic Coach | HSP Coach | Bend & Sunriver, & anywhere Online

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