World Kindness Day is Nov 13, 2023

World Kindness Day is Nov 13, which means calling in all people who desire and are willing to not only like and love, who will take action.






World Kindness Day Nov 13, 2023

Last year we hosted an event on Mission Coffee on Washington Ave, Fremont, as it was on a Sunday. This year in 2023 it’s on a Monday.  

Here’s the deal, go out and do acts of Kindness, write them out what you did,  submit them to me via email,  or drop them off at Fremont Age Well South Fremont at the office.  Pick up a Kindness Cards, go out and do some Acts of Kindness. 

When you enter into the Contest of Acts of Kindness the most acts of kindness and stories completed, there will be acknowledgments and a celebration.




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