Adventures into Kindness

Adventures into Kindness season, yes there seems to be a season where there are many events happening, truly it would be great if Kindness could be all year round.

Earlier this year I decided to pull everything in to one site..I found out that people were confused on what I really do. Now I’m separating my activities into different sites, like Heart@Work where I offer a Doula Giver services and succession planning.

Kindness@Work Conferences will become everything about Kindness you can read about other past events over on Heartatwork

If you have a kindness event to post, just send it over using the Contact form

It’s funny to see more people get on the band wagon about Kindness now.. for example a Keynote speaker and friend said he was speaking at a Kindness Conference for World Kindness Day. I’m surprised this group never reached out to me.. it’s almost like a carbon copy of what I’ve been building.  Anyway..

I reached out to Touch a Life,  see if we could collaborate..since I was approached by Quality Giving, they have developed an app to help non-profits deal with their logistics especially around gift giving season.

I called them us, to let them know what we are doing for World Kindness Day – They are willing to collaborate – WKD is not November 19th… (I don’t know where they found this date.)

Found a way in which it could be a win, win and  win.  Some people are having to re-think how they are presenting the idea of the Kindness Challenge ( I am calling it).

Sometimes things sound easy, until one starts putting things together.. like there are issues with apps, or haven’t thought about how to launch this event – oh people will just download the app – everything is on the app and…?

How do we get them to signup? Is this in person or only online?

The Kindness Challenge / Inspiring Kindness is happening on Sunday November 13, launching it from two coffee cafes since we are doing one in Fremont, CA and San Jose/Santa Clara.

Now to find the people who will go out into the community and catch people doing kind deeds.  If you belong to a community group, please reach out to me. I want to have everything nailed down by November 5th so I can just spend my time promoting it.

Adventures into Kindness means jumping in and sharing with people how Kindness makes a difference, how much better people feel by giving and receiving.

I was in a Dollar Tree store a few months ago and I forgot about tax on the items I was buying, I told the cashier I’ll run out and get the 35 cents that I owed. The gal behind me said I’ll get it.( It was embarrassing.) It was a kind act, and by the time I caught up with the gal she was driving away.

Thank youuuu I’m yelling to her.

You know it’s always the little things that count.

Or when I am in the line up at a store, I have 1 bag of ice, everyone pretty much lets me go ahead.

If you just think about kindness in a way that will help someone else you’ll discover it will help you, at the same time. Adventures into kindness can be all year round.

Love to hear about your stories about how your Adventures take you into Kindness.

Blessing kindness to you!






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