Even Celebrities are Kind

Even Celebrities are Kind, from the littlest things to the biggest  celebrities share the most meaningful kind moment they’ve experienced, in hopes of inspiring others to share their own kindness with others.

For more, pick up PEOPLE’s Kindness Issue. Read more about their stories, kindness  Tag someone doing a kind thing   https://people.com/tag/kindness/

Companies That Are All About Random Acts of Kindness (and the Customers that Love Them)

One of the companies selected was TD Trust.. many years ago, Olivia McIvor was in HR for Canada Trust,  she had to deal with all the stress of the merger between Toronto Dominion and Canada Trust.. thus TD Bank. She even wrote a training manual to help other companies going through the same thing. If you even have been in a merger you know how stressful it is and competitive it is.  You can read more  She spoke at the Kindness Conference in 2020.

TD Bank Offers Treats

Fast Company made mention of TD Bank’s noteworthy customer service, with special touches like lollipops for humans and dog treats for four-legged bankers. But TikTok user @sraym0nd12 says it’s not just that they offer the treats, it’s that they remember things about their customers. She shared and brought her a whole envelope full. “Who can be like ‘Oh my God, I love going to the bank!?'” the TikTok user said, pointing to herself. You can too, if you’ve got some people who are awesome at customer service.

Even Celebrities are Kind,  Read about the other companies that were selected

Earlier today I was out walking, stretching my legs as they were cramping, there were two people picking up litter on the walkways at the lake this morning. I don’t think they wanted to be recognized for doing it. I thanked them anyway.

If you notice people doing this kind of thing..thank them or just quietly bless them.

One of the guys in my community reached out to his Uncle, since I just got a new vehicle and he said he would do an inspection for free for me. Well, he didn’t, and I didn’t want to go back to the guy who referred me and tell him that he actually charged, me or was it that he had to pay his worker $100 to replace my gas cap??

I just decided to tell him all is well. It worked out.

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