Kindness@Work Keynote Matt Schlegel

Kindness@Work Business Conference
Keynote Matt Schlegel

Matt Schlegel has always been fascinated by team dynamics and what makes some teams succeed while others fail.

His degrees are in general engineering from Harvey Mudd College and electrical engineering from the University of California San Diego provided formal training in problem-solving, especially in solving technical and engineering problems.

As a systems thinker, he worked on bigger projects, Matt realized that successful problem solving was contingent more on effective teamwork than technical prowess.

He began studying the Enneagram in 2002 and started applying it in corporate settings in 2003.

In 2004, he began developing the tools that Schlegel Consulting now uses to optimize team-based problem solving for innovative companies.

Building rapport with your teammates is a key ingredient to team effectiveness.

Mirroring is our innate mechanism for building rapport with those around us.  By adjusting your style to match that of your teammates,

Matts’ realization that the Enneagram can be applied to the analysis of teams as well as individuals led to the tools and strategies for work-team effectiveness described in Teamwork 9.0. and



Kindness@Work Keynote Matt Schlegel

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