World Kindness Day 2022

World Kindness Day 2022 it was the 25th Anniversary for this day. We celebrated it with a launch at Mission Coffee on 151 Washington Ave in Fremont, CA

At the time I was also working with another collaborator, his program was about catching people doing kind deeds and they in-turn would ask the next person give a gift card to the charities that we on our site. Ran into technical difficulties or the IOs app for iPhones was not working.

And there really wasn’t enough lead time to acquire the people who would catch people, such as the police departments, other people who wanted to join in.

It was launched in a very small scale of inviting people to come down to the cafe, giving them the cards.. asking them to do Random Acts of Kindness for the week.

I got started by buying 10 $5 cards for coffees.. and gave them out to people that came, and then some of them gave them out to people or kept them. Then each person has done kind deeds by paying it forward. Some were given to our unhoused neighbors, some people prepared meals that went into food pantries.

A friend of mine went to Starbucks and got 20, $10 cards and gave them away to strangers and friends. Each person was asked to pay it forward with a random act of kindness.

All in all we were on a wave to keep kindness going.

The World Kindness Conference produced by Touch a life, produced the conference that was held at the Santa Clara Convention Ctr. I did go, enjoyed some speakers and then there were some that I didn’t enjoy. I was on a panel, it was very last minute.

Their Mission: “We believe true happiness comes from helping and lifting people up. We empower individuals, for-profit and nonprofit corporates to make a positive impact for a kinder world.”

We all made an impact, in our small way.. my desire is that you keep making your impact however small, it does make a difference.

Thank you for participating in the World Kindness Day 2022.

Mari-Lyn ❤️

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World Kindness Day 2022

World Kindness Day
November 13

Starting Sunday morning at 9:00am PST time zone, or whatever your time zone is.

Mari-Lyn Harris
Kindness challenge

We'll be catching people doing kind deeds..

Once the people get caught, they will be given a link to pay it forward

World Kindness Day 2022 is about being generous and kinder with each other, even if it’s just one day to kick off the year!

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