How do we influence people? Show #175

How do we influence people? Show #175.  Whenever we are creating a movement or have a business with a purpose or mission we need to influence people.  Otherwise no-one will want to follow you.

In this show I am letting John Sweeney share his message about how he got his movement started. On March 27, 2013, John Sweeney, a plumber from Ireland, started a Facebook page called Suspended Coffees. His message was simple: Buy a cup of coffee for a stranger, because an act of kindness can change a life. Eight hours later, the page had attracted more than 20,000 likes.


Three years ago, John was depressed, lonely and completely unhappy with who I was as a person. I was married to a beautiful wife and had four amazing children, yet something important was missing: I had no purpose, and I wasn’t passionate about anything. I thought I had nothing to offer the world. As I write this just 4 days away from that exact moment three years ago, I reflect on the crazy journey I’ve been on these last three years.

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